"Remember, you are much more than simply your body, but your body is your only and irreplaceable vehicle to live and experience this world, treat it well and your life will become limitless."

Coach Bruno Anjos

Hi, I'm Coach Bruno Anjos

Founder of Holistic-U

I am a Portuguese World citizen in love with people and the infinite possibilities of human achievement!

I hold a Master's Degree in Sports Science, a Football UEFA B Coaching License, a Professional Title of Physical Exercise Trainer and the Holobody and 10X Fitness Coaching Certifications.

I currently work as a Football Coach, a Physical and Health Education Coordinator/Teacher and a Holistic Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach.

My purpose is to disrupt, inspire and educate high-performing change-makers and contribute to the extension of the human lifespan, healthspan and potential.

I'll leave no body behind by making sure that my clients achieve their highest state health and body. I coach my clients in all aspects of health, fitness and lifestyle so that they have all the conditions necessary to achieve their true and ultimate potential! 

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