by Coach Bruno Anjos

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Holistic-U has an ambitious mission to disrupt the status quo with an holistic approach in order to contribute to the extension of the Human Potential, Lifespan and Healthspan.


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For me, your development is personal!

After struggling to have the health and body that I desired, I finally took action. What started as a quest to conquer my own health and fitness has turned into a system that helps people to achieve their ultimate health state.


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The Holistic-U Process

1 - Assess

Thorough analysis of your history, beliefs, current state and future vision.

2 - Plan

Creating your tailor-made winning roadmap towards your best version.

3 - Act

Impactful holistic practices for success,  feedback and adaptation.

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WILDFIT revolves around a direct focus on creating and sustaining a lifestyle that best suits you and your future. It’s a program designed to not shame you for your choices, but rather educate you to a point where you’ll never lose sight of your health and wellness again, and as a result develop an entirely new relationship with food.

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10x Fitness

Harness the latest science in muscle stimulation to transform your body faster than ever before. Instead of hours in the gym, you just need two 15-minute weekly workouts to achieve profound breakthroughs in strength, fitness, longevity, and your overall health. No matter your age or fitness level, and even if you’ve always struggled to exercise consistently: 10x Fitness is your opportunity to gain the body you’ve always wanted and the time freedom to the things that matter the most to you.

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